Victorian Style Home Design Plans

The classic Victorian House was popular in America during the end of the Queen Victoria reign from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. Homes in this period, due to industrialization, had dramatic changes occurring. Heavy timber-frames were replaced with lighter building materials; homes expanded from their traditional box shapes and became irregularly shaped with complex rooflines.

The Second Empire Victorian homes imitated styles prevalent at that time in France have the mansard roofs, and detailed scrollwork in their cornices and window surrounds as their primary feature, were considered modern at the time. Many of the Victorian periods overlap and adapt many other building styles and techniques; the steep, gabled roofs with heavy ornamental and spindle-work, found in the Stick, Shingle or Queen Anne style also use half-timbering and extensive porches with pronounced color variations.

Romanesque Victorian styles are masonry with some pronounced stonework and decorative brick patterns, often with two or more colors.