Parade of Homes

It was through the presence in the local Parade of Homes that the greatest achievements of DesignWorks Homes were realized; over and over, it was the people touring and purchasing the homes that made us realize that we offered more than what our competition was offering.

Our home "blew away" the competition, according to people touring our Parade of Homes entry, ultimately winning the parade competition in our price category while still under construction, competing against a completely furnished home with a professionally finished interior. More importantly, our homes sold before completion.

Before getting past the entry of another DesignWorks home, a Parade of Homes Judge actually shouted "Oh. I like this one!"
  • People were driving from opposite ends of the state to see the DesignWorks Homes and were asking us to build in their cities.
  • Frequently, DesignWorks Homes was awarded custom build projects because of our exclusive features. One client was renting a home from a competing builder they had planned to have build their home. After seeing the DesignWorks Homes features, they changed their plans.
  • One home was sold when a couple touring as an Open House spontaneously decided to buy our home. They later told us they were "not in the market to buy a new home", but after seeing ours decided to sell their own treasured home.
  • We've met buyers who had a typed evaluation form with their criteria to rate the homes they were considering and discarded it when viewing our home because our features and construction procedures exceeded what they had even considered.
  • Real Estate Appraisers, on more than one occasion, brought colleagues to see the DesignWorks Homes and discussed with us how strikingly different our home designs were from the many they were familiar with
  • The "celebrity" clientele of the community found our home designs fulfilled their entertainment needs.
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