What is the Importance of Design from the Builder's Perspective?

The Home Builder's Dilemma

How are you determining which house plan to build? Is your competition building a similar home, forcing you to compete on price? Your time and resources are valuable and you are fully aware of the risks. If you would like a new approach to home design, proven to be award winning and profitable, you need a DesignWorks homes plan.

A professional home builder will immediately see the DesignWorks Homes difference and what it does for their bottom line. DesignWorks Homes is more than just floor plans; the concept of DesignWorks Homes involves incorporating all aspects of design into the home that allows space and materials to be used efficiently. This has developed into exclusive design features and methods not offered by other home designers or architects who have not met the challenge with how to make a building business profit!!

The DesignWorks Homes Criteria

DesignWorks uses criteria for home design from the perspective and background of a second-generation homebuilder with over 20 years experience in his own Design/Build company, that simultaneously incorporates the structural and mechanical systems, combined with the aesthetics and overall function of the floor plan; these crucial elements are effectively designed into a DesignWorks home.

Take the DesignWorks Homes Challenge... does the plan you are building satisfy the "New" someone is looking for in a new home using the DesignWorks Homes criteria? The features and amenities you would find in three or four homes can be fulfilled in just ONE DesignWorks Home. At the end of the day, the home the buyer remembers is the DesignWorks Home.

Your Solution: DesignWorks Homes

With our complete plan packages there are coordinated plumbing and lighting fixtures, kitchen designs and specifications, interior colors and flooring for you to match with your local suppliers -- all selected by a formally educated design professional with an Interior Design degree, specializing in Kitchen and Bath Design with cabinetry, plumbing and electrical Showroom sales experience.

Discover DesignWorks and avoid competing on price with the same plan your competition is building